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We offer counselling to all adults, children, young people, couples and families alike.

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If you feel anxious, overwhelmed or are struggling to cope; we are here to listen. You are not alone.

Cudox CIC’s approach to the covid-19 pandemic

Cudox’s therapy rooms at Centre4 have now re-opened and we are delighted to offer face to face counselling once again. If you would like to book an appointment please drop us a message or give us a call on: 01472 236 672

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Meet our team

Cudox is comprised of a team of experienced therapists and managers; each with their own unique skillset. Although the Cudox approach is a unified one; seeking to help you understand both your problem or symptoms and what lies behind them, we understand that people connect with people in different ways.

Please browse through the bios of our team below; if you find someone that you think is right for you, please feel welcome to contact them directly from their bio page, using the short form.

Meet our team

Our Approach

We seek to help you understand both your problem or symptoms and what lies behind these in the belief that this is the way to find a lasting solution.

The therapeutic relationship is wonderfully unique, providing a climate of safety in which to be truly heard, understood, and accepted. It’s a connection that helps to develop trust in yourself to find the answers as the expert of your life and inner world. It is a space to pause, reflect and gain clarity. You may choose to give voice to the parts of you that are hidden, but this is always at your own pace and we will respect your process. We understand that it is only when you feel truly heard and accepted by another that you can take the risk in sharing your deeper thoughts and feelings. It can lead to an offer of self- acceptance and a discovery of a compassionate inner voice to withstand that critical part of self.

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