Creating a Welcoming and Professional Environment for Families

Family Therapy

Family therapy is designed to support anyone within the family who may require assistance, whether it involves the entire household, a parent and child, or siblings. This therapeutic approach extends beyond the family unit to include friends, colleagues, and teams.

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Family Therapy Sessions

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Creating a Welcoming and Professional Environment for Families

Bringing individuals together in a secure and supportive setting can greatly enhance communication and foster a deeper understanding among family members. Family therapy offers valuable assistance in various family situations that may cause stress, grief, anger, or conflict. By engaging in this therapeutic approach, you and your loved ones can develop a better understanding of one another and acquire effective coping skills, ultimately strengthening your bonds.

What to Expect

Family therapy sessions typically involve the participation of multiple family members. However, individual sessions with a family therapist may also be arranged. Each session typically lasts about an hour to 1.5 hours. Family therapy is generally conducted over a short-term period, usually around 12 sessions.

However, the frequency of meetings and the total number of sessions required will depend on your family’s specific circumstances and the therapist’s recommendations.

During family therapy, we aim to:

Evaluate your family’s problem-solving abilities and their capacity to express thoughts and emotions in a constructive manner. Explore family roles, rules, and behavioural patterns to identify underlying issues contributing to conflicts and find effective ways to address them.

Identify the strengths of your family, such as mutual care, and recognise weaknesses, such as difficulties in confiding, in order to enhance communication and connection. Below, we have compiled a set of questions posed to our family therapist, along with their corresponding answers.

What is Family Therapy?

Family therapy is designed to support anyone within the family who may require assistance, whether it involves the entire household, a parent and child, or siblings. This therapeutic approach extends beyond the family unit to include friends, colleagues, and teams.

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Who can Benefit from Family Therapy?

Family therapy provides valuable support for individuals seeking assistance during times of change. It offers a safe space to share feelings, thoughts, and concerns, and aims to resolve differences. By engaging in family therapy, you can improve communication, address conflicts, and find mutually beneficial solutions.

This process facilitates support among family members during difficult times, reduces conflicts and arguments, and strengthens the overall bond, fostering a greater sense of teamwork. Family therapy can be beneficial for both adults and children facing various challenges.

What Issues Can Family Therapy Address?

Family therapy can help address a wide range of issues, including but not limited to relationships, parenting, illness, blended families, bereavement, work stress, educational concerns, trauma, life changes, health concerns, mediation, parental absence, sibling rivalry, divorce/separation, communication, attachment, child and adolescent mental health, behaviour issues, and self-harm.

How does Family Therapy Work?

The initial family therapy session involves everyone present. We will introduce ourselves, discuss the reasons for seeking therapy, and outline the areas you would like to work on and change. After this initial session, it is often beneficial to have individual sessions to gain insights from each family member without the pressure of a group setting. These individual sessions can be conducted as full sessions or 30-minute sessions per person.

What Family Therapy Cannot Accomplish

When working with a family therapist, it is essential to understand the therapeutic relationship. Family therapy can be adaptable, accommodating situations where not everyone can attend a session. We can focus on specific issues between two family members if needed, and individual sessions can be conducted alongside family therapy. It is important to note that long-term individual work may require a separate therapist.

Confidentiality remains a priority in both individual and family sessions. Individual sessions can provide the necessary support for someone to express themselves to their family when they might struggle to do so otherwise.

We respect boundaries and do not take sides, assign blame, or offer direct advice. While suggestions may be provided, you are the experts on yourselves.

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Active Participation and Tailored Approach

Active participation from all family members is encouraged during therapy sessions.

Our approach is flexible and customizable to meet the unique needs of each family.

For instance, if children are present, we can incorporate drawings or toys to facilitate their engagement.

We recognize that every family is distinct, and we will adapt our methods accordingly.

Together, we will determine the most suitable way to work towards your family’s goals.


  • £60 for a 1-hour session
  • £85 for a 1.5-hour session

Specific fees will be discussed during the assessment process to determine the best fit for your family.

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