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My counsellor is the first person in my 36 years mental health battle that has listened to me without judgement. I couldn't have wished for a better therapist'
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“We all possess the propensity to move towards growth, even if it appears ugly, thwarted and marred with scars. The simple truth is, we are doing the best that we can, given our circumstances, our environment and experiences up to this point.”

Cudox Wellbeing CIC is a provider of high-quality, accessible counselling and psychotherapy for both adults and children. 

Our mission is to ensure that anyone who has a need for therapy is able to access it regardless of their situation in life.

We offer a welcoming, safe space for all of our clients giving you the time and attention that you need to heal.

Whether in person, online or over the phone, the team at Cudox always puts your mental health and well-being first. 

Flexible Appointment Times

Schedule your appointments around your busy lifestyle, our committed team of counsellors and therapists are here for you.

Friendly Service

Our team of therapists and counsellors are professional, understanding and welcoming helping to create a relaxing safe space for healing.

Remote Sessions Available

As well as in person appointments, we provide both telephone and online therapy sessions. We're here to help .

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Meet our team of therapists and counsellors. Want to get to know us better? Book a session today to start your wellness journey.