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Supervision & Reflective Practice

We believe that genuine growth occurs within a supportive and nurturing supervisory relationship.

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Supervision is a valuable opportunity for self-reflection and personal growth, providing a confidential space where you can enhance your professional insight, develop new skills, and gain awareness.

We believe that genuine growth occurs within a supportive and nurturing supervisory relationship.

At Cudox, we understand the importance of creating a comfortable and accepting environment for you.

Our aim is to facilitate deep exploration and openness without judgment, ensuring that you feel supported and at ease.

We are passionate about counselling and committed to both our own development as counsellors and supervisors, as well as the benefit it brings to our clients and supervisees.

We offer clinical supervision to both qualified and student counsellors/psychotherapists. Regular supervision is an ethical responsibility and a professional requirement, providing a confidential space to safely explore client work and maintain the personal resourcefulness needed for therapeutic practice. Ultimately, this protects you as a counsellor and benefits the clients you work with.

Supervision Fees:

Qualified Counsellors:

  • 1.5 hours/monthly sessions: £65
  • 50 minutes/fortnightly sessions: £45
  • Student Counsellors: 1.5 hours (frequency dependent on training requirements): £50
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Cudox Wellbeing CIC

Reflective Practice

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Reflective Practice – Available for businesses, healthcare providers, and education settings – essentially anyone working with people or within teams!

Learning to reflect in order to improve one’s own practice is increasingly recognised as vital across various professions, such as teaching, counselling, management, and clinical work.

Reflection is a process that enables analytical thinking about different aspects of professional practice, leading to insights and lessons that contribute to maintaining good practice and driving personal and service improvements.

Different individuals have diverse learning preferences. While some find reflecting on positive outcomes beneficial, others may focus on challenging situations.

It is crucial to engage in reflection in a manner that suits you best to derive maximum benefit.

Building multi-professional teams of reflective practitioners is an excellent approach to developing ideas and actions that enhance practice.

Learning together in groups, teams, and multi-professional settings fosters collective wisdom through discussions, support, and knowledge sharing.

This collaborative approach increases the likelihood of meaningful and positive change occurring.

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Care for individuals and service delivery improves when teams and groups have opportunities to explore and reflect on their work together.

These interactions often lead to ideas or actions that enhance care provision.

While reflection is a personal process, it is important to respect the different modes of reflection among colleagues, considering the professional standards and duties expected by different professions and their regulators.

Formal and informal power dynamics should be carefully and respectfully addressed to ensure that all viewpoints are respected and listened to.

Team reflective activities can result in valuable outputs, such as suggestions or plans to improve care or services.

Case-based discussions, for instance, provide a safe platform to explore thoughts and emotions triggered by different experiences.

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