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Meet Our Team

Meet our therapists and board members

Meet our team of therapists and board members. Want to get to know us better? Read our biographies below.

Angie Graham profile picture

Angie Graham

Psychotherapist, Clinical Supervisor,
Managing Director

Bev Herron profile picture

Bev Herron

Therapeutic Counsellor, Community
Mental Health Coordinator

Mari Makitalo profile picture

Mari Makitalo

Therapeutic Counsellor

Karl Smallridge

Karl Smallridge

Therapeutic Counsellor

Eleanor Fairfield profile picture

Eleanor Fairfield

Therapeutic Counsellor

Alice Bell profile picture

Alice Bell

Adult & Relationship Therapist

Nikki Paterson profile picture

Nikki Paterson

Adult, Children & Young Person's,
& Family Therapist

Rebecca Pillay profile picture

Rebecca Pillay

Children & Young Person's

Amy Richman

Children & Young Person's

Sam Ford profile picture

Sam Ford

Children & Young Person's

Melanie Meik profile picture

Melanie Meik

Trainee Counsellor

Laura Nelson profile picture

Laura Nelson

Trainee Counsellor

Neil Cartwright profile picture

Neil Cartwright

Trainee Counsellor

Talia Herron

Admin Manager

Lucy Watts

Fundraising Associate

Marie Fitzgerald profile picture

Marie Fitzgerald

Board Member

Harry Dixon profile picture

Harry Dixon

Board Member

Nicola Massingham close up on a white background - cropped

Nicola Massingham

Board Member

Karen Hoe profile picture

Karen Hoe

Board Member

Kevin Franklin profile picture

Kevin Franklin

Board Member