Children & Young Person's Counsellor

Amy Richman

Children and Young Person’s Counsellor
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About Amy Richman

Hello, I’m Amy, a child and young person’s counsellor here at CUDOX. I am a qualified person-centred counsellor with experience across various age ranges.

Throughout my career, I have embarked on a rewarding journey primarily focused on working with children and young people. Understanding the unique challenges they face, my approach is centred on providing individuals the space to express themselves, utilising various creative modes.

My commitment to counselling stems from a genuine desire to support these age ranges through their developmental years. In addition to my work with children and young people, I have a passion for ecotherapy and how being in nature profoundly impacts mental well-being. Personally, I find the connection through talking therapies and being in nature exceptionally beneficial.

Beyond my professional life, I cherish spending time with my family. I also find joy from hiking trails and capturing the beauty of landscapes through my photography—it’s my favourite way to recharge!