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Couples Therapy

 “The quality of your life ultimately depends on the quality of your relationships.” Esther Perel

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Couples Counselling

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What is couple’s therapy?

For couples to retain a deep and passionate connection, they need to cultivate an understanding of the needs and desires of both themselves and their partner. Couple’s therapy involves exploring and embracing the intricacies of intimacy and desire, rather than suppressing or overlooking them. Therapy can help to reconnect emotionally, to deeply listen and communicate more effectively and move forward in a way that is helpful for you both.

Who is couples therapy for?

Couples therapy is for anyone that wants to make a difference in their relationship and within themselves.It is for couples of all ages and at all stages of the relationship. It is not just for those in crisis. It involves finding a constructive way to move forward, whether that is staying together or separating.

What problems can therapy help with?

There are many pressures and stressors in our lives and all relationships go through ups and downs.

Couples can bring a wide range of issues to therapy, including lack of intimacy, breakdown of trust, infidelity, family conflict, life transitions, work-related stress, and previous trauma. Sometimes, we simply don’t know the reason or have a specific issue and that is ok.

Therapy provides a safe and non-judgmental space that can start you on this path of discovery.

How does couples therapy work?
Couples therapy works by giving each person a chance to be heard equally by offering time for both parties to speak without interruption and to reflect and what they’ve heard.

A therapist’s role is to guide and facilitate active listening and constructive communication. A therapist will not take sides or be a referee in any arguments, however, we will explore frustrations and conflicts as they arise.

The crucial part of couples therapy and its ability to work is for each client to have the willingness to be present in the relationship and be open to working together even when things are challenging.

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What couples therapy can’t do?

It takes huge amounts of courage to enter therapy, particularly when you are unsure whether to stay together as a couple or not. It makes sense that in these situations we want someone else to give us the answers or tell us what decision is best.

Whilst couples therapy can clarify feelings and reveal information to help you make your decision, it cannot completely remove doubts about whether a decision is the right one. It is ultimately up to you to use therapy in a way that will help you arrive at the best decision for both of you.

Working with a couples therapist

The relationship you have with your couple’s therapist is one of the most important aspects of therapy. Speak to a few therapists and ensure you feel comfortable in the relationship and the therapeutic space provided.

Therapy can be directive at times, can include exercises and worksheets and your therapist may invite you to work on these in between sessions.

On occasions, individual sessions may be required as part of couples therapy to explore separate past traumas or experiences that could be impacting, or that are potentially being played out within the relationship. These sessions may also be necessary if safety issues need to be explored.


  • £50 for a 1-hour session
  • £70 for a 1.5-hour session

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