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Talia Herron

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Admin Manager
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About Talia Herron

I am happy to work as an admin as part of the Cudox family, sharing the company’s values of providing compassionate care and person-led support.

Whilst I am a new member to Cudox, I appreciate the warm environment and passion of the team and the way the staff are willing to go above and beyond in providing the highest standards of therapy.

Health and wellbeing are incredibly important to me and I believe wider outreach in the community and access to mental health services needs more emphasis in our area.

Life can be challenging and does not always run smoothly however having a support system and a safe, nurturing space to explore these issues and our natural feelings and reactions towards them can make all the difference on the path to healing.

I believe in the benefits of finding activities and passions that fulfill you and for me this is spending time with animals, exploring the outdoors and foraging, caring for my houseplants and immersing myself in different genres of reading.

Leaving time and space in my life for these hobbies has allowed me to care for my own mental health and find my happiness and love for life.

I have previously worked in community research however my focus has been in medicine, recently finishing my degree in human biology at Sheffield which has further emphasised my understanding and belief in listening to your body and treating it with respect and love.

Your brain is a part of your body like anything else, for most of us it will become sick at some point in our lives and require attention and healing to keep working; having skilled and empathetic individuals who can explore this with you can help support you on your personalised route and can make good mental health an achievable and sustainable goal.