Cudox Shines In Prohas Post

26th January 2024

A 5-Page Insight into Counselling Excellence

We are delighted to share some exciting news from the Cudox family! Recently, our esteemed director, Angie Graham, was featured in the renowned local health and safety publication, the “Prohas Post.” The magazine dedicated an impressive 5-page spread to Cudox, under the title “Ask the Expert,” offering readers an in-depth look into the world of counselling.

In a candid interview with Angie, the article explores the roots of the counselling business and sheds light on the inspiration behind its establishment. Angie Graham shares insights into the evolving landscape of attitudes and opinions surrounding counselling, revealing positive transformations in recent years.

The “Ask the Expert” feature provides a unique opportunity for readers to gain a comprehensive understanding of Cudox’s commitment to mental health and well-being. Angie’s thoughtful responses not only showcase the expertise within Cudox but also highlight the positive impact counselling has had on individuals and communities.

For those eager to delve into the inspiring story and valuable insights shared by Cudox, the Prohas Post magazine has made the entire 5-page spread available in a convenient flipbook format. You can explore the feature by following this link: Prohas Post Flipbook.

We encourage everyone to take a moment to read the article and discover the meaningful contributions Cudox is making to the field of counselling. Congratulations to Angie for this well-deserved recognition in the Prohas Post, and here’s to continued success in promoting mental well-being!

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