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Alice Bell

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Adult & Relationship Therapist
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About Alice Bell

I am a qualified counsellor in person centered approach as well as a diploma in CBT and couples counselling. I have a passion for couples counselling and understand how relationship therapy can enhance any couple experiencing any difficulties.

I offer a safe space for the couple to explore their issues individually and together.

I understand the importance of mental wellbeing, by providing varied approaches to counselling, each client’s needs can be met, and counselling can be uniquely tailored to them.

By offering a safe, non-judgmental, confidential, and welcoming space, each client is listened to and valued enabling a client to start their personal development.

I have always had a passion for counselling after experiencing it myself on a personal level. The change it made to my life propelled me into studying counselling to offer this to others.

I am aware couples face many different challenges within their relationship. By providing a confidential, empathic approach for the couple to work in, I believe couples can start to communicate effectively.