Psychotherapist, Clinical Supervisor, Managing Director

Angie Graham

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Psychotherapist, Clinical Supervisor, Managing Director
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About Angie Graham

In addition to being a qualified Psychotherapist and Clinical Supervisor, Angie has wide experience and a passion for teaching and training counsellors; therefore to ensure this continues, and connects to Cudox’s mission, she supports Level 6 students with placements within the company.  Angie states: “Like you, I don’t have it all figured out, but from my own experiences and personal struggles I understand how transformative counselling can be.

The therapeutic relationship is wonderfully unique, providing a climate of safety in which to be truly heard, understood, and accepted.  It is a connection that helps to develop trust in yourself and to help you to find your own answers as you are the expert of your life and inner world.

It is a space to pause, reflect and gain clarity.

You may choose to give voice to the parts of you that are hidden, but this is always at your own pace and I will respect your process.  I understand it is only when you feel fully heard and valued that you can take the risk in sharing your deeper thoughts and feelings, and can begin the process towards self-acceptance.

I am often asked if I specialise in issues of mental health distress, such as anxiety, bereavement and addiction for example.  This is a question I have struggled to answer; my passion and focus in therapy is in creating an atmosphere conducive to openness, challenge, curiosity and acceptance.

Without discounting the relevance of diagnosis or understanding behaviours, in my experience, it almost always connects to something else, past feelings, experiences, traumas, a hidden ‘part of self’ perhaps, and this is, for want of another word, my speciality!”