Therapeutic Counsellor, Community Mental Health Coordinator

Bev Herron

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Therapeutic Counsellor, Community
Mental Health Coordinator
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About Bev Herron

We all have physical health…We all have mental health… and both can become unwell at times!

We can all have difficulties, worries, challenges in our lives that can leave us feeling overwhelmed, anxious, confused, alone, disconnected from ourselves or others.

Individually we experience things very differently, I recognise your uniqueness and I feel that together we can explore how you are experiencing things…what it’s like for you!

As an experienced Counsellor, I work from a person-centred approach with the belief that we all have within ourselves the ability to find a way forward that’s best for us.

We are all unique and have differing needs; by providing Counselling in an integrative way it enables the best therapeutic process for your individual needs.

I have previously worked with various degrees of emotional and psychological distress, anxiety, depression, bereavement and loss, the impact from physical, sexual, psychological abuse, trauma, social struggles, eating disorders, addiction, and psychological impact from having a long term health condition…to name a few.

Although some may find a diagnosis of their mental health helpful or validating, I believe that a label or diagnosis doesn’t define you as a person and we all experience things differently from one another.

I offer one to one adult Counselling, a safe space in a confidential environment where you are allowed time to be able to explore any issues, difficult emotions and feel listened to, truly heard, accepted, validated and valued.