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Melanie Meik

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Trainee Counsellor
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About Melanie Meik

I’m Melanie, I am studying for a degree in humanistic and integrative psychotherapy with the Sherwood Psychotherapy institute and Staffordshire university , about to embark on my third and final year of study.

I believe that we are all unique, that each of us has had a different experience of life and I seek to allow my clients to bring their experiences into a space where we can work together through whatever it is that may be troubling them.

I believe in the transformational value of therapy, of working relationally and at a pace that works for each client in a safe space, a place to pause, explore, discover understand and grow.

I absolutely love being part of the Cudox family, a team of passionate, compassionate therapists offering access to therapy for anyone who needs it, whatever their situation in life.