NHS Charities Trust – Health Tree Foundation Fund – 2 Year Project

6th July 2023

Community Partnership Project: Reducing Burden on NHS Facilities through Community Services

In an effort to alleviate the strain on NHS facilities and provide effective support to individuals in need, Cudox Wellbeing CIC, in collaboration with the Health Tree Foundation Fund and other partners, has embarked on a groundbreaking two-year project. The aim of this project is to explore innovative ways in which a community partnership can play a vital role in delivering essential mental health services, ultimately reducing the reliance on NHS interventions. This partner study dives into the core objectives of the project and highlights the significant progress that we have made during its first year.

Person-Centred Counselling for All Ages:
At the heart of the initiative is the provision of person-centred counselling services to community members of all ages. This holistic approach ensures that individuals receive tailored support, including play and systemic therapy where appropriate. By addressing the root causes of their challenges, the project aims to empower clients to become self-reliant in working through their problems, thereby minimizing the need for NHS interventions. This long-term focus sets the project apart, as it goes beyond mere funding and aims to create sustainable mental health solutions.

Addressing the Impact of the Covid-19 Pandemic:
Recognising the far-reaching effects of the Covid-19 pandemic on mental health and wellbeing, this project actively collaborates with partners to tackle these challenges head-on. By leveraging both the services of our own organisation and those of our partners Navigo and Rethink, this project ensures a comprehensive and efficient response. By working closely with these key partners, the initiative aims to address the pandemic’s impact swiftly and effectively within the community.

A Community-Facing Approach:
To establish a genuine sense of community and promote inclusivity, the project operates from our dedicated therapy centre in Grimsby. Equipped with specially designed therapy rooms, including a playroom, the centre offers a warm and welcoming environment that contrasts with more clinical settings. By adopting this community-facing approach, the project offers a safe and comfortable space where individuals can seek the support they need without feeling intimidated or overwhelmed.

One Year In Achievements and Impact:
In its first year of operation, the project has made remarkable progress, positively impacting the lives of numerous individuals within the community. Over 130 people have received over 900 therapy sessions, which encompass various forms of counselling, including systemic and couples counselling. These sessions have proven instrumental in identifying, exploring, and resolving deep-rooted issues such as complex trauma, unresolved grief, and relational and attachment issues. The project’s commitment to providing therapy for as long as needed ensures that individuals receive the support required to address their challenges comprehensively.

Moreover, the project has successfully established a referral pathway from NHS statutory services and crisis support. By bridging the gaps in thresholds and eligibility criteria within mental health provision, the project has been able to support patients who were previously deemed unsuitable for statutory support. This timely intervention ensures that individuals in need receive the necessary assistance, usually within two weeks of referral, effectively reducing the strain on NHS services.

The NHS Charities Trust’s two-year Community Partnership Project, in collaboration with the Health Tree Foundation Fund, represents an innovative approach to alleviating the burden on NHS facilities.

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