Soaking up Success and Giving Back: Technical Absorbents Supports Mental Health with Cudox

26th July 2023


As Grimsby-based super absorbent materials manufacturer Technical Absorbents celebrates its 30-year milestone of success, they have decided to mark this momentous occasion by giving back to their local community. In a heartwarming gesture, Technical Absorbents has chosen to support the commendable work of Cudox, a community interest company that provides vital mental health and therapy programs. This partnership exemplifies the power of businesses stepping up to support the wellbeing of their community, emphasising the value of positive mental health both at home and in the workplace.

Soaking Up Success for 30 Years:

Technical Absorbents has had a remarkable journey over the past three decades, establishing itself as a leading manufacturer in the super absorbent materials industry. Their commitment to excellence, innovation, and customer satisfaction has propelled them to the forefront of their field. Now, as they reflect on their remarkable achievements, they are determined to share their success with those who need it most in their community.

The Noble Cause: Cudox’s Mental Health and Therapy Programmes:

Cudox, a local community interest company, has been making a significant impact in the lives of many individuals by providing much-needed mental health support and counselling services. Regardless of financial status, Cudox ensures that those in need can access their services when they need them the most. Their remarkable work is made possible through charitable donations, grants, and funding from compassionate organisations like Technical Absorbents.

Putting Mental Health First:

Both Technical Absorbents and Cudox share a deep-seated belief in the importance of prioritising mental health and wellbeing, not only within the workplace but also within the wider community. They recognise that supporting mental health is crucial for individuals to lead fulfilling and productive lives. By joining hands, they aim to create a positive and supportive environment that fosters emotional resilience and mental wellness.

Proudly Supporting Cudox:

Technical Absorbents takes immense pride in supporting Cudox and its ongoing efforts to make a positive difference in the lives of those facing mental health challenges. This partnership is a testament to the company’s commitment to being a responsible corporate citizen and a force for good in the community.

Join the Cause:

You too can be part of this noble cause by contributing to Cudox’s mental health and therapy programs. Your generous donations can help ensure that Cudox continues to offer essential support to those in need, offering a lifeline during their most vulnerable moments.


As Technical Absorbents celebrates 30 years of success, they have chosen to celebrate in a meaningful and impactful way by supporting Cudox and its vital mental health and therapy programs. By giving back to the community, Technical Absorbents exemplifies the true spirit of compassion and empathy, embodying the belief that success is most rewarding when shared with others. Together, let’s create a world where positive mental health thrives, and support systems like Cudox play a crucial role in healing and uplifting individuals in need.


1. How long have Technical Absorbents been in operation?
Technical Absorbents has been operating successfully for 30 years.

2. What does Cudox do?
Cudox is a community interest company that provides mental health and therapy programs to those in need.

3. How does Cudox fund its programs?
Cudox funds its programs through charitable donations, grants, and contributions from organisations like Technical Absorbents.

4. Can individuals contribute to Cudox’s cause?
Yes, anyone can contribute to Cudox’s cause and support their mental health programs.

5. What is the significance of this partnership?
The partnership between Technical Absorbents and Cudox highlights the importance of businesses supporting mental health initiatives in their community.

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